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Passionate About Inspiring Others

In an effort to educate himself, Bob examined the principles of a variety of professions. During this journey he learned a lot about the coaching profession and its benefits. Specifically, Bob realized that coaching could be used to diagnose his clients issues and concerns and in turn help them with their goals and desires. 

After completing his own certification in 2009 Bob spent the next eight years developing the Sound Coaching Program, refining the techniques he was taught and developing a series of tools unique to the Sound Coaching Academy. Using these tools and his personal experiences in the financial industry he has produced a holistic coaching experience designed to combat the realities of the current economic climate and navigate the changes that threaten the normalcy of the financial field.

  • 39 Years in the Financial Industry

  • Holds Series 7, 65, 63 & 24

  • Certified Coach since 2009

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