what is coaching?

Coaching is about partnering with a client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires and empowers them to maximize their personal and or professional potential. With coaching you can create a non-judgmental but brutally honest discourse, where your client will be able to define what it is to them, to be the writer of their own life’s story. And together be able to create the timeline and action plan to achieve their goals and finally develop a state of mind where one is the true expert on what makes them feel healthy, wealthy and wise.


Why Sound 

Coaching academy?

Bob Walsh

Bob Walsh started Sound Coaching Academy to address the true value that a financial planner provides for their clients. Financial planning is about managing a client's expectations, helping client's achieve realistic goals, to truly help our clients become healthy, wealthy and wise. During Bob’s lengthy tenure in the finance industry one thing stood out as a huge void. He noticed certain patterns of behavior, a common lack of basic fiscal literacy, and limited support systems among his client base. He mapped them out, categorized them and found an assortment of commonalities and core issues that he could reasonably address.


Robert Walsh with the Sound Coaching Academy has been an instrumental mentor in guiding me through the process of becoming
a professional coach. The knowledge which I have acquired through his course has given me the tools necessary to move both my
business my and personal life in a forward momentum. But the best part is I’m enjoying the ride, not the destination.

- Rosalie Maiorano

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrow’s.”

- Ralph Martson

Once again, I was blown away by Bob’s excellent presentation. We have used
Bob for a number of years because he
scores as one of the highest rated speakers. Bob achieved that again this year.
What sets Bob’s presentations apart is
his experience as a financial advisor and more important, his ability to transfer that knowledge to his audience in an
entertaining manner. Bob is a “must” speaker at any financial advisor training meeting.

- Salvatore M. Capizzi

Chief Sales & Marketing Manager

Dunham & Associates